I am probably two years late in finding this, but I finally stumbled across the short-lived Wonderfalls TV series- and it is completley awesome!

I actually began looking for this as Ellen Muth (from Dead Like Me) said that was one of the shows she watched during an interview at DragonCon; so I started searching the newsgroups (with no initial luck). I eneded up finding them via BitTorrent and downloading all of the episodes- and I started to watch... Around episode 4 or 5 I realized that these are completely awesome!

I tried a few times to make a cool DVD and convert the DivX files to standard MPG2 (DVD format), but I was unimpressed with the final product (but I made some really cool menus with Ulead DVD Movie Factory 5)- so I purchased the (last copy of the) DVD set at BestBuy on Thursday. (See- file sharing does pay off for the artist!)

I found the title track "I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls" by Andy Partridge on a "joss is a hottie" webiste (I think referring to Joss Whedon)- and it is a fairly addictive song that I started playing on continueous repeat at work on Wednesday... :o)

(I have also ordered the "Boom Boom Ba" track by Metisse from their website - a song from the 'sister' show Dead Like Me )

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