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It all started with an email from Divineo.cn featuring the new M3 Lite Pro MicroSD. It is a pre-order that is about 1/2 price of the M3 Lite Perfect MicroSD, so I decided check it out. (I have been looking at this as my current M3 Perfect SD is excessively big for my NDS Lite case)

I checked the M3 Adapter site and I found links to some new themes for the M3 and all kinds of neat stuff in the M3 Forums. (Now I need to remember the directory structure on the M3 for themes!). I also found a DS Linux site- but I was unable to find anything on the new M3 Lite Pro on their site. I decided to send them an email to inquire on the differences. Since I did not want to send an email to a 'pirate hardware company' from any my personal e-mail addresses, I setup a new account on Yahoo! mail (broo98 was the next available 'Broo' address that I found).

While on the Yahoo mail page, I noticed an notice of how to setup Yahoo! email to my Blackberry. This reminded me to search for the v4.2 firmware for the 8700c. No luck, but I did find some cool blackberry themes for the 8700c linked from the Blackberry Forums.

To install these themes, I need the desktop software- and I would like the new 4.2 version as it has a lot of features (that I cannot use without the new firmware!) so I started searching and found the Blackberry FAQ Wiki with all kinds of info. I eventually found the software several layers under the Blackberry 8100 info page.

So now: I am updating the theme on my M3 Adapter and installing Blackberry Desktop 4.2 to install some new themes on my 8700c; strange how all of this started with a single email...

Update: I received a response from M3 Adapter within 15 minutes of my inquiry -and it looks like the difference is the Pro does not support GBA games over 32Mb (were Perfect support all GBA Games); so the Pro is more of a NDS games only where the Perfect is a NDS/GBA setup. (Actually, I checked the news on Divineo.cn and found the information I needed after all of this- lol!)

It was 10:17 pm when Danny from M3 responded; those people work late!

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