Bluetooth Nirvana

I had a (fairly) decent bluetooth experience today; I was able to get my Treo 700p to play stereo music via bluetooth to some Logitech Wireless for MP3 headphones... Sound was good and range was pretty good.

It wasn't easy; the Treo 700p does not support A2DP natively, so I had to install a trial of Softick Audio Gateway. Unfortunately, this program doesn't yet support the Treo 700p. The current version (1.06) does not work at all, but a prior version (1.03) seems to work!

I updated my music player to the newest version of Pocket Tunes and it plays all of the songs I put on my memory card- but it looks like the way that Media Player 11 organizes the songs (in separate folders for artists and album) make is very hard to generate a play list in pTunes (it doesn't seem to be able to scan sub-directories)- I will have to see if there is a way to setup the sync options in Media Player...

I setup the headphones as a trusted device (passcode is '0000' and I guess this is a common use as I could not find it documented on Logitech's web site) and configured it in Audio Gateway. I fired up pTunes and it works!

It does appear that if I turn off the headphones without manually changing the output location of Audio Gateway back to internal, it will manually reset back when the headphones disappear, but I have to hard reset the Treo to get it to work again!

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