Windows XP on Sony VGN-P530H

I decided to pickup the Vaio VGN-P530H from MicroCenter for $500; It is about $100 more than a good NetBook while being much smaller and having a kick-ass (1600x768) LCD display.

The System comes pre-loaded with Windows Vista Basic- add in the Sony bloatware and it ran like a square wheel. I tried Windows 7 Ultimate, but it was still a little sluggish with Aero turned on.

I decided to go back to good ‘ole Windows XP, but Sony (as usual) does not offer drivers for XP; only Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Once I downgraded to XP, the unit works fairly well for a 1.33Ghz atom (and I have been able to overclock to 1.6Ghz with SetFSB). The screen is incredible and the wireless connectivity (WiFi, BlueTooth, EVDO, GSP) almost makes up for the meager 60GB (1.8” PATA) hard drive and the 2GB of RAM that is hard-soldered to the system board.

Even more important is the unit is small enough to fit in a jacket pocket and carry around- everwhere…

There is a tread on Pocketables on How to install XP on a Vaio P, but the links are to Japanese sites (i.e. no English version) to download the drivers and some others are now dead links.

Luckily, there is a ‘XP Downgrade’ folder on the Sony Vaio-Link FTP site that contains drivers for the Sony P series.

Another link on Pocketables Forum points to a file in the root of the above FTP Folder which will download all of the Vaio P Windows XP drivers and create a Windows XP Driver CD.

I ordered a screen protector from eBay and I am considering upgrading to the 4 cell extended battery -and possibly later replacing the 1.8” PATA 60GB drive with a SSD Drive.


  1. Where did you buy that for $500? I checked on microcenter but didn't find anything

  2. Why did you opt for such an older model?

  3. S.Desi

    I believe this was a close-out price; I looked for the item again and it is gone from their website (and both stores I have visited).

    I opted for the older model solely for the price; $500 is still a bit expensive for a 1.3Ghz netbook- even if it does have a very nice screen! :)

  4. Broo,

    Thanks for the update. I went to my local store and picked up the V588E for $599.

    It's got the same specs as your except for an SSD drive.

    I like it very much.

    Are you going to install Windows 7 on it anytime soon?

  5. Sal,

    Oh crap; I would have spent an extra $100 if they had an SSD version- but the ones I saw at MicroCenter were $799... I guess they are getting ready for the new stuff that will inevitably be coming out from Sony... :)

    I tried Windows 7 almost as soon as I could (made a backup of the re-install DVDs and formatted) but I was not super happy with performance and battery life; I had to kill all the eye candy so I decided to try XP.

    So far I have been happy with XP- but I am sure I will re-install Win7 in a few weeks. :)

  6. Thanks. I'll be browsing all your Vaio P related posts. :-)

  7. Very interesting article. I've got the same Vaio (bought a floor model for around $400 a few weeks ago) for the same feature set, but find Vista such a frustrating experience that I'm thinking of wiping it and going to XP. Nice to know that it can be done. Have you since run into any snags?

  8. Beck,

    I would install Windows 7 on it. I did and it is working perfect and quite fast.

    It did take me a few tries....but now I have the process perfected. All of my keys work (including brightness).