Healthy Post

imageMy FitBit came in today! Used it a bit today and looking forward to monitoring my sleep patterns tonight…

While listening to TWiT I heard about the Withings WiFi enabled scale- with an associated iPhone app that will tell me how much weight I have lost/gained.  In addition, it can also Tweet every time I weigh in, or upload to Google Health.  There is also a Windows desktop gadget.

Reviews of the Withings are on Gadget Review, Engadget and there is a youtube (sales) video:


Sadly, I am actually considering buying one of these scales (but with the money I have from a returned xMas gift; you would think for the price that the Harmony 1100 remote would have RF support!)

Another interesting site is Daily Burn; lots of foods that can be looked up for calorie usage (with an iPhone app similar to Lose It!), but also appears to have an iPhone barcode scanner for scanning non-prepared foods.

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