Clear WiMax- getting progressively slower…

My affair with Clear WiMax is going downhill quickly.

Initially I was getting terrific speeds- ranging from 8Mbps to 10Mbps.

Over the past few weeks I have been seeing bandwidth limits and slower speeds during peak hours.  These peak hours are now stretching into continuous slowness.

Below is a graph of a transfer that started at about 11:45pm:


On the left side of the graph you will notice a lot of variance in through-put; this is my clear CPEi 25150 modem with a solid 5 bar signal (with WiMAX RSSI of -63 dBm and WiMAX CINR of 22 dB).

For the right side of the graph I disconnected the Clear modem and re-routed the same traffic through my BellSouth 6Mbps DSL.

Clear hasn’t been close to 6Mbps for the past few days; Bellsouth has a constant 6Mbps 24x7.

If AT&T ever gets around to offering U-Verse at my house (with the 24Mbps down/2MBps up option for $75/month!) I will be quickly putting these Clear modems up on eBay!

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