A Caveat of ADD

I am using this nice little program called ‘NetLimiter’.  Currently it is v3 beta 9 and expires tomorrow. 

I decided to go update it.  I opened Firefox and saw there are also updates for my current browser plugins.

I auto updated the plugins.  On the ‘Featured Plugins’ that pops up after the Firefox restart I see a plugin called ‘Yoono’ that allows me to connect to IM sessions in my browser.

I installed Yoono and restarted Firefox again.

I now was able setup my connections for Yahoo IM, AOL IM, MSN IM, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace (and had a little trouble with Linked-In).

After all this is done I viewed my recent Tweet list and followed a few links; also did a search for anything new on the Nexus.

There are also custom notifications and global updates for each connection.  Lots of customizable options for this program!

I went back to Firefox and logged into my profile page to add Yoono as a favorite extension (and see if there is anything else I need to add to Firefox).

There are a lot of updates in Facebook, Twitter and MySpace I need to review.

Aw crap- I still need to update NetLimiter…

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