Clear Upgrades?

Wow; tonight at about 3:00am the speed of my Clear WiMax connection jumped up to about 12.5Mbps…


A response in another post mentioned that they were upgrading their connections to microwave; I guess the upgrade occurred?


  1. Clear just flashed my CPEi25150 and changed the default password. No longer able to access the device. Anyone know what they are using for a password? Figure it must be simple.

  2. Password is simple, don't know why it had to be changed.

    My modem is mounted up on a 100' tower, so remote admin is especially important.

    OLD Password may work in some instances: motorola

    NEW Password if you have auto update enabled and your coverage area has been updated is: CLEAR123


  3. Just curious if the device software package has changed with the update you mentioned? Right now I have (2009.09.14 20:39:46) installed. Since I never hit 6mbps even when I first got clear I am curious as to what the new version is. Lately I have been lucky to hit 3 mbps and I have the 6mbps plan. Thanks in advance.

  4. So I found these posts about clear as I just got the service today in Austin, with the new M modem. These are great - thanks to all!
    I'm a bit leary of Clear - been using ATT DSL, but want to try it out, esp. with VoIP. But I'm used to my 2-wire modem with wireless router built-in, so it sucked to have to buy a router to connect to the modem. But here's my question: One of the Clear reps I talked to said that the new M model has a wireless router built in to the model - just disabled. Has anyone ever heard about that? Or figured out how to enable it?
    I'm still in my 7-day eval period....

  5. Sorry to read about your problems with Clear. I got it end of Dec. 2009 in the Chicago market. I've generally had decent service usually in the 4-7 MB range with occasional slow times perhaps due to congestion and/or them "upgrading" equipment. But it's way better than the AT&T DSL I had. IMHO, AT&T sucks!!!!! Anyway...

    I've been trying to access an IP camera outside of my LAN with no success. My Belkin F5D7230-4 was connected to my CPEi725 Clear modem as so I turned off DHCP in my CPEi725 and set up my router with this as a static IP. Also in my CPEi725 I turned off the firewall and set the DMZ IP address to My internal network is 192.168.3.x and the camera is set to a static I've tried various ports including 80, 8080 and several others. In the Belkin router I forwarded the port in the "Virtual Servers" page (changing the port as I tried different ones). From a PC within my LAN I can get to it with any of the ports I tried by going to for example. But from outside the LAN, when I try the Clear visible IP such as http://184.78.xxx.xxx:8080 it won't work. My router has a Security Log and shows "Blocked by DoS protection" (This is the WiMax router.) I even turned the firewall off in my router and it didn't make a difference. I'm thinking this has to be an issue with the Belkin router and not the WiMax modem. The WiMax modem should just let everything thru with the firewall disabled and especially with my router's IP set as DMZ. Would you agree it's my router that doesn't want to play? I just don't understand the Security Log message and can't find a way around it. Oh, another thing I tried is setting up DMZ within the router. The Belkin has a place for "IP Address of Virtual DMZ Host" and shows the static IP of (from WiMax modem) and for the private IP I put Didn't work either.

  6. Toddles,

    Sounds like you may be having a problem with double-NAT; once on the WiMax and once on the router. The router probably doesn't want to allow non-routable addresses from the external interface.

    In my Motorola CPEi150, there is a disabled 'Enable Network Address Translation' option under Internet -> Internet Protocol. If you can disable this, it should present the internet address to the external interface of your Belkin router- then your port forwarding should work.

    If this is also disabled on your router (Clear may have locked this setting down) your options are limited. You may try some of the DMZ port forwarding settings in both modem and router.