BlackRa1n Jailbreak for iPhone 3.1.2!

imageFinally- a Jailbreak for the iPhone 3GS: BlackRa1n Tutorial

This does not allow for unlocking the carrier on the phone- this allows the iPhone to install applications from other sources (such as Cydia, Rock or Icy).

Very easy to do:

This version is Windows only. Your iPhone should be updated to 3.1.2 and connected to the latest iTunes.

Download the BlackRa1n.com app (click on the Windows logo). Run the app and click the ‘Make it Rain’ button.

Blackra1n does its work and reboots. After the reboot there is a new ‘blackra1n’ app on your phone. Click it to install Cydia/Rock/Ice.

Cydia and WinterBoard- Here I come!


  1. sorry to post it here but i couldnt find the way to post it in any other places. I have a Vavio VGN NR220E with the same freaking problem you described in a post. I have 2 memory modules of 2gb DDR2 pc6400 and vista BSOD. My question is, do you know anyone resolved this with vista or Windows 7, not XP. cause the notebook owner doesnt want to go back to XP.


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