Google Chrome & Extensions

Google Chrome has come a long way since it’s initial release on September 2nd, 2008.  From v1.0 about a year ago, the current the public ‘beta’ release is v3.0.195.24 (with the latest developer release up to v4.0.221.6)

Recent Developer builds have the ability to utilize browser extensions (after modifying the Chrome shortcut to enable these).  Users of FireFox will be familiar with extensions; add-ins that allow added functionality/options/flashy lights to the browser experience.

There is already at least one list of popular extensions for Google Chrome- even thought these extensions will only work with the developer release.  Two of my currnet favorite extension for Google Chrome are XMarks (a bookmark sync program) and AdSweep (an advertisement blocker).

Google Chrome is rapidly becoming my browser of choice…

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