PSP Go Gutty-Works

Rumor is that the new PSP Go is ‘hack proof’.

I was looking over my PSP Go and noticed that the screws to open the back of the unit are easily accessible #0 Phillips head bits. Removing them allows removal of the back panel, revealing the new LIP1412 battery:IMG_0227

I found it a bit odd that the ‘warranty void’ sticker covers the battery solder points. Not wanting to immediately void my warranty, I flipped the battery over for a better look:


The PSP Go has the same three connector configuration (+/T/-) as the earlier models- the ones that can be put into service mode via a Pandora’s Battery. In the earlier PSP versions I believe the third wire is what transfers the information to the unit to put it into service mode?

I highly doubt that Sony would have its support centers de-solder a battery and attach another battery to put the PGP Go into service mode- so there must be some other method that they will use to de-brick PSP GOs that are victim of bad firmware updates.

On the M3 end of the PSP Go motherboard (model TA-091) there are two copper contacts that seem out of place- but then I also noticed that there are matching contacts on the inside of the PSP Go case:


Is this a ‘case opened’ switch? or are these contacts used for testing/charging the unit at the factory? I booted the PGP Go with the back cover off (and the two contacts open) and everything appears to play normally.

There also appears to be a red & white checkerboard sticker on the back of the board that may be a water damage indicator:


One other thing that seemed odd was a clear ‘window’ beneath the battery. This window is located where it will always be covered by the PSP screen:


Sliding the screen open reveals its apparent use: the ribbon cable behind the screen uses this cavity when the screen is opened and the clear plastic is just a divider between the cable and the battery compartment:


Opening the PSP Go raised a few questions for me:

  • How would Sony’s official support centers enable service mode for a PGP Go that had a bad firmware flash?
  • Why is the ‘warranty void’ sticker over the battery terminals- which connects to a battery that will need eventually be replaced as it has a finite number of charge cycles?
  • Why are there contacts on the board that link to connectors on the back of the case?

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