Photoshop Mobile and Photoshop.com

Today Adobe announced Photoshop Mobile (PS Mobile) for the iPhone.  This is a free app that allows for editing of new camera images or images from the camera roll in the iPhone:

IMG_0220 PS Mobile has four options groups of editing options:

  • Crop/Rotate/Flip
  • Exposure/Saturation/Tint/Black & White
  • Sketch/Soft Focus
  • Effects: Vibrant, Pop, Border, Vignette Blur, Warm Vintage, Rainbow, White Glow, Soft Black & White

Pulling up an options allows for further detail of the change.  For example, if I select ‘exposure’, it switches to a screen where I can swipe my finger across the screen to change the levels between –64 and +64- accompanied with a live change view.

Other options across the bottom of the screen allow for cancel, undo, redo and save.  The save options allows to save on the iPhone (as a new file- not replacing the original) or upload photoshop.com (more on this later).

Overall, the software is very responsive (at least on an iPhone 3GS) and actually a little fun to use.  It is a great app to take a picture, convert it to B&W and save it for email/MMS to a friend.

One issue I immediately discovered is when I save a modified image, it creates as new copy- and it is missing almost all of the original EXIF data:

Original EXIF Data
EXIF Data After PS Mobile

Hopefully this is an oversight in the initial build and will be corrected in future releases.

Abobe seems to be taking a foothold in the online photo sharing game; PS Mobile allows for uploading to the ‘photoshop.com photo sharing site’.  The site is a flash based web site that can accept uploads and perform basic editing of the photos- as well as allow for emailing, linking and downloading the photos.  The editing features on the site are more diverse than the PS Mobile app- adding red-eye removal, distort and sharpen options- to name but a few.

Photoshop.com allows for customized site names (I am using http://broo2.photoshop.com) and provides 2GB of free storage.  If you need more, it will cost a bit:

2GB Free
20GB $20/Yr
40GB $50/Yr
100GB $100/Yr
250GB $250/Yr
500GB $500/Yr

The site also allows linking to Facebook, Flickr, PhotoBucket and Picassa for editing of photos contained in each.  The editing saves the changed photo back to the originating site- also as a copy, leaving the original intact. 

The website does not seem to retain the login information for the sites mentioned above; if I close my browser, I must re-authenticate for Flickr/Facebook/etc.

I have not verified if the website strips the EXIF data.

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