PS3 Streaming (Still Looking)

I have abandoned the FUPPES media server as it was having constant faults and I needed to login to WHS to restart the service- sometimes during at the middle of a movie. (possibly due to install under a terminal session as mentioned in a prior blog post).

I found a nice 'How to choose a DLNA Media Server' page on Robert Green's DIY page and it has a pretty coclusive list of DLNA servers.  I went through and revisited the list I had tried for Windows:

  • Fuppes - Crashes on WHS
  • Nero MediaHome - Uses way too much system resources
  • SimpleCenter - Too many 'not supported format' messages (All DiVX) and runs on buggy-ass Java
  • TVersiy - Lackluster video quality; lots of 'not supported' and 'corrupt' files messages for videos
  • TwonkyVision - Decent, but $40- and some transcoding issues
  • Windows Media Connect - Now part of WMP11- which is not supported on WHS (at least via Windows Update)

So I have tried pretty much every Windows based media server that supports transcoding (the PS3 will not support MKV/TS files natively) and was unhappy with all.

The most reliable one for me was TVersity- and it is free- so I decided to give it a go once again.  I searched and found some tweaks for TVersity with the PS3 on the PS3 Forums, PS3Mods, readme blog, and the Doom9 Forums-  all of which offered very valuable information and greatly improved video quality.

The only issues I have now are issues with MKV playing (indications are that I need to convert these to a PS3 friendly format), ripped DVDs (individual VOB files will not play) and DVD ISOs (I miss XBMC!).

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  1. Anonymous9:20 AM

    I feel your pain. I went through the exact problems you faced with streaming. Fortunately I took the time to get tutorials available for users to look at for their streaming choices. Most individuals want to use Tversity for some reason. It was way too buggy for me during my use.

    Twonkymedia worked perfectly for me, so maybe you set it up incorrectly.

    As for streaming MKV files, you are better off converting them to .mp4 or m2ts files.

    Feel free to browse my blog @ blog.hillbillyhardware.net and just head to the PS3 section. I have the information right there to help you out.