Oh God, not another 'standard' cable?

I purchased a used Nokia N810 from a co-worker.  So far it is a great device. 

I was going to plug in my mini-USB cable to copy some music files over to the device and had to stop; the USB cable connector is now a 'micro-USB' connection...


What the Fuck?

I know that companies like to gouge their customers for add-ons, but there is no real major fucking difference in size between a mini-USB and a micro-USB connector; and on the side of the N810 it's not like they were pressed for space and needed to find a quick alternative- they just wanted to make a cheap-ass cable and charge their customers $25+ for a replacement...

The real irony for me is that this is a Nokia device- a name that was synonymous with having one standard.  This the company that had the same power cable for all of their cell phones lines for almost a decade (but I won't try to defend their very inconsistent flash memory support- I mean who else used RS-MMC?). 

Now it looks like Nokia is trying to pull a Sony and make a new 'standard' for their devices (along with the Motorola RAZR2).  Nokia- please just make your phones and leave all the connectors as Mini-USB!

My rant for the night is over...


  1. Anonymous8:07 AM

    yeh, i'm just waiting for a cable that is standard USB on one end, and then a cat-o-nine-tails of 'standards' on the other end.

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM

    The cable on the left is the On-The-Go (OTG) USB cable which is intended to allow devices to connect to one another without having to use the PC as an interface.

    Micro-USB still requires a PC interface.

    Nokia is not scamming - just upgrading.

  3. My suggestion: Always buy a phone with MINI USB. BLACKBERRY is a good example.

  4. Yi Li: Blackberry is starting to move to MicroUSB as well; The Verizon Blackberry Storm has this interface and we received a few of the new AT&T Curve 8900s yesterday- also with MicroUSB.

    Looks like we soon may be buying a bunch of spare MicroUSB cables/chargers from MonoPrice for the office!

  5. I know this an old post, but an interesting read now that it turns out the standard universal charging cable for all phones will be micro USB. I guess the manufacturers knew something then?