Damn Target

I was at Target so I made the customary run through the electronics department. 

Clearance items: I found a Harmony 720 remote  marked down to $89,88 (regularly $179.99- and the same at Costco) and Gengi: Days of the Blade for the PS3 for $14.98. 

I already have the Harmony for the xBox 360 so I really don't need another remote- but the Harmony 720 has a rechargeable base (and my buttons are a bit worn on the 360 remote) so I purchased it. 

Genji didn't get the best reviews for a PS3 game, but for $15.00 it will have to be pretty terrible to be a bad purchase.

In short- Target clearance in electronics = $105 in impulse buys for me tonight.  D'oh!

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