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The iPhone Dev Team has released a new iPhone 'unlocking' tool known as Pwnage for the iPhone.  There are detailed installation instructions on iClarified and a video on Engadget.  Currently this only runs on a Mac (see- I DO have a good reason to own a Mac!) and it requires you download the Pwnage software, an official version of the iPhone firmware and the bootloader files.  Once you have these and an iPhone you are ready to unlock!

  • Run Pwnage, select an original version of firmware (such as 1.1.4) and click 'iPwner' after the software verifies the ipsw file. 
  • Put the iPhone into recovery mode (power off, and hold down the menu button while docking the phone) and dock the phone
  • The software will begin updating the iPhone firmware.

I had an previously unlocked 1.1.4 firmware iPhone and I was getting 'NOR Flashing failed!' errors when I first tried to run Pwnage on my iPhone.  A little research indicated that I needed to revert back to a clean version of the official 1.1.4 firmware to clear up any incompatibilities with previous hacks.  After a full restore to factory 1.1.4 (which seemed to take a very long time!) I re-ran Pwnage and received the happy pineapple! (the Dev Team's custom graphics).

  • After the iPhone is 'fixed', you can use Pwnage to make a custom 'ipsw' firmware that will do useful things such as activate the iPhone (without a contract!) and run BootNeuter to allow unlocking/upgrading of the iPhone's baseband (to allow use with other GSM carriers). 
  • Save this custom version of firmware and put the iPhone back into recovery mode . 
  • When you dock with iTunes it will find the unit in recovery mode indicate that the iPhone needs to be restored. 
  • Hold down 'Option' key ( or 'Alt' key for Windows keyboards) and click the 'Restore' button in iTunes.  This will allow you to select which version of firmware you want- select the custom firmware you created and you will have an unlocked iPhone!

If you do not want the pineapple and other custom DevTeam images, be sure you leave 'Use DevTeam custom pictures' unchecked while building your custom ipsw image.

Before the update I could not get the 'locate me' function to work on Google Maps; afterwards it works! (Must have been the baseband update?)

Taking a note from the Engadget video; you do not need to 'Enable Baseband Update' or 'Activate iPhone' with subsequent versions of firmware was these options were set by installing the first custom firmware (although I don't think it would hurt if you ran it again?)

My next step would be to load the iPhone 2.0 beta firmware on the phone- but I am not able to find a good copy!  The two versions on UseNet both are unrecognized by Pwnage and torrent searches only have one similar file; anyone have any suggestions?

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