Radio Scanner

I finally bought a handheld scanner; I decided on the Radio Shack Pro-97 1000 channel model.  It is one of the better analog radio system and has a pretty good price vs. features ratio.  The next step up is the Pro-96 for digital radio signals- but it is almost 4x the price!

So far I have found a few channels relevant to Atlanta- I think one is the Marta system and the other one of the local fire stations.  I also stumbled across the drive-through window of the Wendy's that is about 2 blocks from my house (FM 469.01875); it is interesting how some people can be pretty damn rude to the people that are making their food!  :o)

I found an 'easier to read' Pro-97 manual online.   There is also a list of Atlanta radio frequencies online, but I am still figuring out how Trunk radio systems work...

So far not a lot of use for the receiver, but it is defiantly something to learn with; perhaps one day I will get an amateur radio license and get a home radio system.

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