My HD DVD Attach Rate: 6

I do not have a HD DVD player yet (but I am hopeful that Christmas may change that!) but I have been buying HD DVDs in anticipation of getting one.  So far I have:

  • The Bourne Ultimatum (BOGO Special from BestBuy)
  • Transformers (BOGO Special)
  • BladeRunner The Final Cut (I have been waiting for this for years)
  • Dune (an xMas present from a co-worker)
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (BOGO Special)
  • Oceans 13 (BOGO Special)

The BOGO (Buy One-Get One) was on special at BestBuy December 15th-22nd and I picked up two sets.  Transformers and the Bourne Ultimatum were $30 each, but it averages out to $15 with The  sale.   Harry Potter and Oceans 13 were $34/each, but these are $17 with the sale.  In addition, I can watch Harry Potter, Oceans 13 and The Bourne Ultimatum on my Philips upsampling DVD player as the discs are HD DVD/DVD combo discs...

As one post said: Sony is still trying to push proprietary formats and open formats always win in the end.  I don't think HD DVD is a true 'open format', but it seems to be a lot closer to this than Sony!

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