Holidays and Hacks

My xMas shopping is almost over- I just have one more gift to buy- but all of them still need to be wrapped!  :o)

I finally purchased some eyeglasses so I do not need to wear contacts every day- in addition my flex spending option is due to expire at the end of the year; so it is use it or lose it!

Browsing around my normal RSS feeds I found that Microsoft has released Visa SP1 RTM to public beta; all that is needed is a registry patch from Microsoft.

I stumbled across a blog of someone that has hacked the serial port on the iPhone; I am not exactly sure what I would use this for, but it sounds like a fun project (now if they can figure out A2DP and GPS support via Bluetooth!)

I am going to an AMD and Microsoft tech tour, but I am currently waiting for traffic to die down a bit; I guess if I make it in time for part of the opening keynote I should be Ok.  The Traffic.com web site seems to be a little better than the Georgia Navigator web site- even though I think the data is from the same source...

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