I want a 'Chumby'

I know it sounds weird- maybe even a little perverse- but I want a Chumby...

I bought a Philips AKL308/37 clock radio from Target with the impression that it could use an MP3 as the waking music- this is not the case.  (Even thought the description on Philips site states 'Choose to wake up to your favorite music, radio station or buzzer alarm').  I will be returning this and looking for another alarm clock.

I have been through a few radio alarm clocks for the iPod, but they all have been lacking features that I was looking for (JBL On Time was too big and would not sync over a long USB cable; Jensen JiMS-190 was also too big and was hard to use).

What I really want is a readable alarm clock (with atomic time sync) that can play a specific song for waking (such as 'Adrift' by The Cruxshadows).  Added features would be weather info and a time/temperature projection onto the ceiling.  The Chumby seems to do all of this (save for the projection) and have a lot more gadgets/gizmos that I may never use (Woot!, eBay, moon phases, etc).  It is about $50 more than my Philips and the screen isn't as big (3.5" vs 7").

I have added a 'Virtual Chumby' to my website until I can decide if I want to return the Philips and invest in a Chumby...

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