Greece Day 9

What a long and wonderful trip it has been... 

Today we are in Santorini and tomorrow we leave for home (hopefully- Diana and I are on standby and it looks like tomorrow's flight is full!) and it will be so good to see the house (even though I hear it is full of cabinets from one of Tracy's remodeling jobs).  I am sure Betty (our Chihuahua) will go nuts when she sees us...

Mykanos was very nice- very sunny and breezy and just very pleasant.  The roads were windy and narrow.  The hotel had a bus shuttle service into the main city and the bus driver was definitely a professional stunt driver- I don't know how he pulled some of the hairpin turns with oncoming traffic and didn't end up over a cliff...

I spent a good chunk of the last two days downloading software and trying to hack one of the two wireless systems in the adjacent hotels- 6 Euro/hour is just wrong to charge for a room that costs 500 Euro/night!  The 'Imperial Myconian' has a Linux based proxy/firewall with six perimeter Linksys (branded Cisco) WRT54GS WAPs running DD-WRT firmware- four of which have the default passwords of root/admin; I enabled logging on these four to see if I could get any useful data (but no one else used them!) They used a /32 subnet to restrict access to other systems on the network, but a static IP ( is free and outside their DHCP scope) allowed more exploration.  My 6 Euro 1 hour pass had expired so I was unable to find out much more... 

The 'Royal Myconian' had several Cisco Aeronet router (no IP addresses) and they appeared to have a Windows proxy/authentication system (or a 'honey pot' system advertising TCP ports 443 and 3389) with an Internet router behind.  Their pirmary wireless network is and the next hop was their 'business center' PC is on the former network at .2.

Neither system had any encryption on the wireless, so someone with some time and a packet sniffer might get some interesting data (given enough time- I think I saw two other wireless logins during the last two days in Mykanos).

I also spent some time in the sun and a little playing Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins on my PSP (VERY addictive). The beach was interesting- very coarse sand and lots of smooth rocks- but I guess that is the format of the beaches in a volcanic area.

Tracy went out the last night while in Mykanos town and didn't get back to the room until about 6:00am (the last bus from Mykanos to the hotel was 1:00am); we were a little worried but she made it back in time to get packed and head off to Santorini.

We took a ferry (a 'Hellcat 4') to Santorini; it was about a 3 hour trip from the 'old port' in Mykanos.  The ferry reminded me more of airplane seating on a DC10 except that it had a convienance store by the main entrance- and they made a killing during the trip.  The actual trip also felt like more of a plane ride (with some mild turbulence) than a boat ride.

We arrived at Santorini and the view is pretty stunning-  the boat landings are at the base of a cliff and a long road winds back and forth to a large white-building city several hundred feet above.  The view from atop the cliffs is even more incredible- but I have yet to get a good picture from the later view as we were on a shuttle bus that was winding up before slipping into the dreaded city obstructions (light poles, cables, trees, etc).

I will try to upload more pictures today as our hotel has free wifi!  (with WPA-PSK encryption).  We are staying at the Vedema Hotel just outside of the main city.  It is a very cool hotel built on top of an old winery and wine cellar (with burning torches at night an all).  The main dining room is an ancient underground structure that you might see in one of the Robin Hood type castles (pics of this will be going up today). A signed picture in by the reception indicates that Angelina Jolie once stayed at this hotel (definitely a plus in my book)- I am sure she was in one of the much larger suites than we have!

The wind is kicking up today (more than normal?) in Santorini and it looks like it might actually rain.  I am getting a shower and then checking out he breakfast offerings of the hotel- I think the girls will be getting up soon and we should be headed into the main city to see if there is anything to do.

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