FLAC and Enjoying Music

I was listening to an episode of TWiT in my car on the way to work and a topic was presented that some research has been done and people are using different parts of their brain to listen to music now; due to the compression in digital music our brains are using more of the areas associated with analytical thinking to re-create the 'missing' parts of the music- rather than having the music stimulate the emotional centers of our brain... 

This seemed weird to me so I downloaded a few FLAC songs and listened to them.  Perhaps it was that I haven't listened to Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother in some time, but it really sounded MUCH better than I remember.  From this I am on a long quest to replace all of my 224Kpbs MP3s with FLAC.

I started ripping some CDs (all of my Cruxshadows and a few albums from The Church) with dbPowerAmp (excellent program!) and downloading what I can (so I do not have to rip!); it looks like converting to FLAC will at least quadruple my library size (about 30gb in MP3 format)- and then I will need to convert to M4A format to allow them to play in iTunes or on my iPod (which dbPowerAmp will do as well). 

Right now I am loading some INXS and Kraftwerk up on my iPod to go outside and enjoy the sun- this should be a good test of the iPod's playback quality.


  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    what system are you listening on that you can tell a big difference from 320k mp3's and flac?

  2. Anonymous9:53 PM

    okay... i may take that comment back. i've been listening to live stuff in flac. i'm gonna have to do a few cd rips to flac and compare it against my de facto 320k stuff.