Dragon*Con Countdown!

I found this image in the LJ Dragon*Con community:

This is made me laugh harder than I have laughed in some time!

My new lens came in- and it is awesome!  I picked up a cheap 72mm UV lens cover (to protect the actual lens) from BestBuy and I also purchased a new strap for my camera; the lens almost doubles the weight of the camera and the original 'EOS Digital' strap is just too short and cheesy.  The new one is a Quantaray 'Neo Air' comfort strap- a cheapie from Wolfe Camera (like they know what 'cheap' is!).

I am hard at work converting an XLSX version of the Dragon*Con schedule into Office.  It look me about 3 hours to do just the Friday schedules (lots of experimenting and proof-reading!); hopefully it will only take me about 3 hour to do the remaining 3 days!

The only other thing I am considering purchasing is a camera mono-pod (a one legged tripod); I have seen decent ones at BestBuy for $40 (or $100 for a carbon-fiber version) or $20 for a crappy one at Fry's... I guess I will need to go out to the Alpharetta Fry's tomorrow and see if they have different stock than the Duluth store.

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