Wow… I just ran across an article for GEOS on a website via DIGG and found the specs on my old C64 machine:
  1. 1 MHz 8-bit MOS Technology 6510 ProcessorThe 6510 was a 6502-based processor, that which can be found (as variants) in the Atari 2600, NES, Apple II & BBC Micro computers. It is a RISC style processor, utilizing very few registers (Just A, X, Y & a 256-byte Stack)

  2. 64 Kilobytes RAM (+20K ROM of which 7 KB Kernal)

  3. 16 Colours in 40x25 text mode (320 x 200 resolution)

  4. 8 Sprites

  5. MOS 6581 (C64rA,B) / 8580 (C64rC) SID sound chipThree sound channels (2 MIDI like sound synthesizers, and one White Noise)

  6. 'Datassette' Tape Drive, later, 1541 Disk DrivePrograms on tape cassette. Later a 5¼" Disk Drive was released with support for 170 KB per disk.

I remember it played Ultima III and IV pretty damn fast!  lol!

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