Weekend Cliff Notes

I woke early on Saturday to go with Diana to drop her car off at Kauffman Tire to get her tires rotated, a slow leak fixed, and have her brakes inspected/repaired.  We went around shopping a few places (I will make a list of the junk I bought later) and had breakfast… and lunch... and 9 hours later her car was ready.  Now if the counter guy would have mentioned that two of the mechanics were out and they were backed up for most of the day, we would have made plans and did other things- but they didn’t so we were a little irate (more Diana than myself)…

Today I have been working on my website (embedding Blogger in the body of my page and working on CSS), got a haircut, went to the gym, went to tan and dyed my hair (getting ready for Dragon*Con in another 11 days!)  

A little earlier today I went over to our old house and replaced the DSL modem (a Cayman 3220 router w/ integrated DSL Alcatel modem and a 4 port hub) with a Cable modem. (Tracy has been paying for both for over a month now- and now she can cancel the entire Bellsouth phone line).  It was rather painless except for the ”Comcastic” crap I had to install during setup of the modem.  Broadband speed tests were about 6.1Mbps down and 380Kbps up…

I have been deploying the Himachi mini-VPN client on the PCs that I may have to work with anytime in the near future- great client that allows me to tunnel most applications (Remote Desktop, VNC, computer management, etc) across a transparent tunnel via a fake IP address (currently in the range).

Back to the gym in the morning (cardio) and then off to work- only another seven days of actual work and I am on vacation for 8 days!    

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