Unofficial DragonCon 2010 Schedule -in Google cal/iCal format!

I ran across a post in a RSS feeds indicating that Fan Rants has a listing of several of the tracks for the DragonCon 2010:

Alternate History Track   (iCal)
American SF Media Track   (iCal)
Art Show Track   (iCal)
Costuming Track   (iCal)
Dark Fantasy Track   (iCal)
Electronic Frontiers Track   (iCal)
Filk Track   (iCal)
Independent Film Festival   (iCal)
MMO Track   (iCal)
Podcast Track   (iCal)
Robotics Track   (iCal)
Skeptics Track   (iCal)
Star Wars Track   (iCal)
Stargate Track   (iCal) *OFFICIAL*
Tolkien Track   (iCal)
Whedon Universe Track   (iCal)
Wheel of Time Track   (iCal)
Young Adult Lit Track   (iCal)

Fan Rants indicates that these are not official (Well, save for the Stargate track) and some of the tracks are not listed (Star Trek and Main are ones that immediately occur to me)- but I can only pray that there will be an official release of these in iCal/Google Calendar. 

iCal imports very nicely into Outlook 2010:


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