Froyo (Android 2.2) for Droid X

Rumor of an early leak of the 2.2 OS for Droid X from My Droid World.

Downloading now; no possible way I will be able to return my current phone to ‘stock’ as I went nuts and deleted all the stupid apps and crazy ringtones.

Going to try update.zip and see what happens!  Surprised smile

Mirror One - Download Now
Mirror Two - Download Now
Mirror Three - Download Now



Verifying Current System
assert failed: apply_patch_check(“/system/app/CityID.apk”,”….”)
E:Error in /sdcard/update.zip
(Status 7)
Installation Aborted

Looks like I need to revert back to stock with SBF


I am now running Froyo on my Droid X now! (but no root access)

1st step is to recover to stock:

  • Download the Droid X Recovery package:
      Recovery Image: VRZ_MB810_1.13.6.2_1FF_01.sbf
      Motorola x86 & X64 drivers
  • Install appropriate drivers (x86 or x64) via executable (includes bootloader mode drivers for Droid X)
  • Download and install RSD Lite
  • Once RSD Lite install is complete, copy ‘pst_flash.ini’ over existing file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Motorola\RSD Lite\
  • Run RSD Lite and open the update file: VRZ_MB810_1.13.6.2_1FF_01.spf
  • Put Droid X in bootloader mode:
      Power off
      Hold Camera + Vol down + Power
      Boot will be a black screen with some text
  • Once in recovery mode, plug in the microUSB cable.
  • Verify Device & File Properties look Ok in RSD Lite and hit 'Start'
  • This will take a few minutes and it will eventually reboot.
  • You are now back to a ‘stock’ 2.1 Android for Droid X

Second step is to update to 2.2:

  • Place the 'update.zip' in the root of the SD card
  • Power off the Droid X
  • Power On while holding down the 'Home' key; You will see a yellow triangle-
  • Hit the 'search' button to bring up the menu.
  • Use volume down to scroll down to 'Install update.zip from SD card'.
  • Hit the 'menu' key under 'Ok' to begin the update.
  • Update will take a while- so go do something so you don't stress out while watching the update.

If anything crashes/screws up, restart the RDS Lite app and put the Droid X back into bootloader mode to do a recovery to stock again.

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