HTC Incredible

imageI moved to Verizon around 10 months ago when they release the Motorola Droid as I was looking for a better Android device than my aging T-Mobile G1.  The original Droid was an awesome device and I have no regrets in purchasing. 

However, in the worlds of computers and cell phones, technology changes fast and last years ‘ultimate phone’ is almost a dinosaur when placed along-side the newer offerings.

Enter the HTC Incredible- also known as the Verizon Droid Incredible.

I am very impressed with the unit so far.  It is very fast device- period.  I have yet to see a freeze or a pause when I want to open an application.

The HTC Sense add-on enables linking between Google Contacts, Facebook and Flickr pages.  It is easy to pull up a friend in contacts and then browse their photos on either of the above services.

However, there are some issues with the device:  I have noticed that in a bad coverage area (where the phone is switching between 3G and 1x EVDO) the phone gets very warm and the battery life takes a nose-dive.

The battery itself will not last me a full day unless I do not use the phone like I normally do: occasional web browsing, price checks, SMS messages, taking a few photos, home alarm system check, webcam camera checks, etc.  I rarely use the phone as an actual phone.

Currently there are not many accessories for the Incredible, but documents from Verizon indicate an upcoming Car GPS cradle, media dock and extended battery in the works.

I will be watching the XDA Developers forums, Droid Forums and Android Forms for a root patch for the Incredible.


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  1. I still think the HTC Incredible is the best android device out. It is the perfect balance of size and power.