The Demise of Clear WiMax

For those of you following my blog, you might have noticed I have some mixed feelings about Clear WiMax in Atlanta, GA:

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Clear Upgrades?

The past few weeks have been abysmal for Clear WiMax; as the trees leaves grow in the spring, the WiMax speeds have plummeted.

I positioned my modem in the top of a closet nearest to the North wall of the hose and for most of Winter I was enjoying speeds of 8-12Mbps (except when it rained- then the speed was 1/2 of that). 

My 5 bar Winter signal dropped to 2 bars in a matter of weeks; I have tried to re-orient the modem to get most signal, but I am getting a max of 3 bars. I now consider myself ‘lucky’ on nights when I can get over 200Kbps… 

Currently I am ‘blessed’ with 2 bars of signal strength (or a 7dB CINR) and tonight’s speeds are:


My other WiMax device (the Mobile USB device) cannot even get a signal lock in my house; I have to go outside on the edge of the deck to get 2 bars. 

I think it is time to call Clear and tell them what a piece-of-shit service they have.

I dread to see how many pissed off people there are once the Sprint EVO comes out- unless it is released in late Autumn. 


  1. I too have been having speed issues. I haven't seen anything above .75 Mbps for the past month. I have spent several hours on the phone with tech support and was even able to get a credit for the past month due to the super slow speeds. Hopefully someone out there will come up with a miracle cure, I hate going through the hassle of switching ISP's.

  2. I upgraded to the Series M modem and I'm back up to 2-3 Mbps. I was hoping for more.