BlackDroid Ultimate ROM 9.0 Released

BlackDroid has released an update for his awesome Ultimate ROM for Droid- currently at v9.0

 image  image  image

While waiting for the official 2.1 Droid update to be captured by capable hands and made into a user updatable file (rooted Android phones with custom loaders cannot receive the OTA update)- and while also still waiting for the Nexus One to finally fracking be offered for Verizon- this is an enjoyable stop-gap.

Rant: rumor is the Nexus One will finally be released sometime this week and it will have a ‘big surprise’ for Verizon users.  I pray this isn’t something stupid like a custom version of Skype (which currently uses Verizon minutes for domestic calls)- but rather something like Android 2.2, an improved touch screen or replacing the roller ball with a touch pad… </rant>

I used a new program in the Android Market called ‘ROM Manager’; this fairly automates the update process (as long as you have root access) and some how managed to backup and restore all of the apps I had installed prior to the update- including the ones I had purchased through the Google market.  Still trying to figure out how this worked, but very, very cool!

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