NWN2 on Windows 7 b7100

image I have ran into another issue with Windows 7 built 7100 (RC). I recently installed Neverwinter Nights 2 on my Windows 7 system and I get an error that ‘No 3D card found’, despite my GXT285 working great with all other games.

I did some Google searches and it appears that this issue is partial to DirectX on the 7057/7100 builds- and only to this game. Others tester were reporting that NWN2 worked on build 7000, stopped with 7068/7100, and is again working in build 7127.

I tried upgrading to 7127 x64 from inside of 7100 x64 and had three successive failures (possibly due to my RAID0 boot drive on the Gigabyte SATA2 RAID) and decided to start over and install 7127 x64 clean. I was able to get the base install to work, but now I received errors when trying to run AVG or Nero: 'side by side configuration errors’ made these applications (plus likely a good deal of others) impossible to use, so I reverted back to b7100.

Finally back to build 7100, I did a little creative Googling and finally found a ‘fix’ on the BioWare forums:

To get NWN2 to run on Windows 7 - download this file - Click Here - take ownership of the original file (look in c:\windows\system32 or c:\windows\syswow64 depending on your flavor of OS), rename it (I recommend renaming the extension to something other than .dll in case you need the original file later on), then move the downloaded file into the same folder as the original. Good to go.

To get the NWN2 Toolset to function under Windows 7 - you need to manually install the actual DirectX 9.0c package. Best version to get is Microsoft's updated end-user redistributable, as this not only places the correct DirectX 9.0c files on your system, but will update any DirectX 10 files as well. The file can be found here - Click Here - download, unpack to any folder on your system, and run the dxsetup.exe file. The toolset will now run.

Neverwinter Nights 2 will now run after taking ownership and replacing the dxdign.dll file in c:\windows\syswow64\ (for x64 version).


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    now that you've got all the tech stuff out of the way, how do you like it? i keep thinking about getting it.

  2. Anonymous2:01 PM

    I LOVE YOU! ive been trying all freakin day to get this to work, and once i figured out what on earth take ownership meant it worked perfectly. Your are a genius and thank you soooo much

  3. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Thank you for a clear and easy fix to a problem that was troubling me for the better part of 2 hours. You are my new best friend. I've yet to find a game that can't be coaxed into working under my current build (7100) of windows 7 x64. Thanks Heaps

  4. You... are something of a legend.

    Well done man, well done.

  5. Hi! I'm a Hungarian, and my english is not the best, maybe I don't understand what you are saying but I tried to overwright this dxdign.dll but it says that I cannot do that. (yes, I have administrator rights) I'm not sure what does it mean to "take ownership" overt this file. Sorry I'm not good with computers :S
    Could someone help me? please.

  6. Ecnalnogard: if your HD is formatted a NTFS, right click the file and select properties. Go to the Security tab of the properties window and then hit Advanced. This will bring up a new Advanced window which should have an Owner tab. Hit the edit button on this tab and highlight the owner you want it changed to and click 'Ok'.

  7. I have W7 7601 + AMD FX-8150 + 8gb 1866 + gtx 560 SC 2gb and "realoaded" version of NWN2+EXP 1.22 but I can't make it work. I can get to menu screen and modify config but when I click on New game/New Campaign/Start Campaign it says it has stopped working.

    I set dxdiagn ownership but even doing so it didn't let me overwright or modify it.