GP2X Wiz


I recently read that there was a GP2X emulator for the G1- so I decided to pull my GP2X F200 out of the closet and play with it for a while- for nostalgia purposes.

Looking for updates to Emulators on my F200 found that many haven’t been updated in a while. The SNES (being my primary concern) works very well- but can bog down to 15fps while playing Super Ghouls and Ghosts.

A little further research found that the GP2X F200 was replaced by the GP2X Wiz- with a much faster CPU (533Mhz vs 250Mhz- overclocked!) and an OLED display- all for less than what I paid for my GP2X F200; and the software for this system are much more recent


Looks like my GP2X F200 is headed to eBay very soon. The big question is to buy a GP2X Wiz now, or to wait for the Pandora?

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