T-Mobile G1 1.5 ‘CupCake’ Firmware available for Download!

image Finally- after many, many (many, many) delays, it looks like the G1 1.5 ‘cupcake’ firmware is up on Google’s site.

Android Community has a post that links to Android Downloads, which then has the direct link to the 1.5 firmware on Google’s site

Bad news is if you have root access and you want to keep it, you should probably wait (unless you want to got through the rooting process again) until a ‘fixed’ version of 1.5 comes out.

If you don’t care about root access you can update by:

  • Download the signed-kila-ota-148830.de6a94ca.zip file,
  • Rename it to ‘update.zip’ (note: by default, Windows hides file extensions- so be sure you are not naming it ‘update.zip.zip’ by un-hiding extensions if this doesn’t work)
  • Copy the ‘update.zip’ file to the root directory of your MicroSD card
  • Power off your G1
  • Power on your G1 while holding down the ‘home’ button
  • When the warning triangle comes up, press alt+L on the keyboard
  • Next hit atl+S on the keyboard
  • It will prompt you to hit home+back to reboot a few times.
  • After this, you should be to 1.5 firmware (and you will need to re-setup your phone)

Now we can start waiting to see if Android ‘Donut’ v2.0 will ever be ported over to the original G1- or maybe we will just need to be happy with the Haykuro 'Hero' build

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  1. Your link for the 1.5 firmware is broken. I couldn't find a good link for that version, but I did find 1.6 elsewhere.