Media Rack Switch Upgrade

I was re-cabling my stereo rack and I came to the odd realization that I need a larger Ethernet switch for my media equipment; I have a 5 port D-Link GB switch and I currently have the following devices that need an Ethernet connection:

  1. Vista Media Center
  2. Popcorn Hour
  3. PS3
  4. xBox 360
  5. SlingBox
  6. HD DVD Player
  7. Uplink to main switch

It is just a strange feeling realizing that almost everything in my entertainment rack is Ethernet enabled.  I was also considering a different receiver before I settled on my Onkyo- one that also had an Ethernet port!

Now if everything had an HDMI port for video + audio my stereo rack would be a much more organized place! (Component cables suck- they are just too fraking bulky!)

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