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After trying out Chrome for a about a week, the ads and lack of plug-ins became too much and I abandoned it.

I was using Opera for a while as it has several nice features (and it seems to run fairly fast) but page incompatibilities (try to login to stickam.com), lack of features/plug-ins and the inability to block the web page ads had soured the deal...

Last night I stumbled upon Foxmarks Beta for Firefox- which returns some of the functionality lost when the Google Browser Sync project was abandoned for the Firefox 3.0 platform (probably as Google was working on Chrome at the time).

Foxmarks beta allows password sync with encryption and you can even specify your own server if you are wary of publishing all of your passwords on someone else's sever.  They do not offer tab sync at this time- but that may be another plug-in from another vendor that I need to find.

Another new feature is a Foxmarks bookmark sync for Internet Explorer- so I could have consistent bookmarks across both browser platforms!

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