Windows XP on the Gateway P-6860FX

A month or so ago, I sold my Sony laptop to replace it with a gaming laptop; I finally settled on the Gateway P-6860FX.  The Gateway comes pre-installed with Windows Vista Premium x64- and this seemed to work pretty well. 

After a month of use (and the install of SP1) I seem to be having some strange issues; the HD is hitting pretty hard (which slows down everything else) and I am seeing CPU usage- so either I had a piece of virus/malware/spyware or Windows Vista exhibits some of the same traits as XP (i.e. it eventually self-destructs).

Either way, I decided to try to install Windows XP again.  My last attempt was deterred by the lack of driver support for the GeForce Go 8800GTS; nVidia referred me back to Gateway and they provide Vista drivers only!

I found some video driver info on   and a good XP install guide for the P-6831FX on NeonPulse

I followed their instructions pretty close, but I did not install the .NET software or the High Definition Audio Driver Package; I just loaded the audio drivers.

So far it is running pretty smooth.  There are three unknown devices in device manager, but these don't seem to be anything overly important (most likely the SD Card reader and a few other items).

On a side note, I seem to be getting over 2 hours of battery life now! (for normal use- not playing games)


  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    These three unknow devices are Function Keys that works only @ VISTA

  2. Hi, how did u load the audio drivers, im having problems with that. Or is there another way??

  3. Man, I'm so glad that Google pointed me to your blog post. I loaded Win7 on my P-6860fx a couple days ago and have had the hardest time finding the drivers for the high def audio/microphone. I searched Gateway's support site like crazy; never found the right set of drivers.

    You posted a link directly to the download page, and I thank you for that. BTW, Win7 runs beautifully on these laptops. Thanks again for the link!