Windows Home Server Crash

I had one 500GB in my storage pool fail in my 5.7TB of drives (One 1TB, Three 750GB and five 500GB drives)- which shouldn't be a major concern.  However, it appears that this has affected almost ALL of my shared folders- including the ones that were set to have 'duplicates' of the data.

After the drive failed, I tried to recover it with a program called SpinRite- but to no avail.  I logged into the home server and removed the drive from the storage group.  After WHS did it's prompting the drive was removed and I was back to 'network at risk' status.

My client backups database was corrupted so I had to delete all backups and start again; no problem.

There are 'file conflicts' in the folders that did not have duplication enabled (ISOs, Downloads, DVDs, Public, etc); also no problem.

However, in several folders that had duplication enabled (Music, Movies, Videos and Photos!) there are also similar conflicts.

For the conflicts WHS indicates that 'The system cannot find the drive specified' I receive a 'Cannot copy filename: The device is not connected' error. 

A full chkdsk with scan and repair options enabled seems to have resolved SOME of the the issues for the folders that had duplication enabled, but the warnings still persist in WHS notifications.   From the looks of the damage and the way it is intertwined with every folder the system I may need to delete ALL data and start over creating a new volume set...

Perhaps I will buy some more 1TB drives and do a 1TB RAID5- saving 25%+ disk space over the 'duplicates' folder (which is a silly idea for redundancy any way).

Luckily I was in the process of backing up all of my data to a Promise NS4300N so my losses were somewhat minimized- save for the fondlers that I did not feel needed to be duplicated!

I have also just installed WHS PowerPack 1 beta (could this be contributing to my problems?) and I will post info about it later.

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