I purchased a GP2X-F200 a few days ago and had it delivered 2nd day FedEx.  Delivery was right on time so I can take it with me on a short vacation to New Orleans (close to my hometown of Covington).

So far I am not overly impressed with it, but I will have to play with it for a while to figure it out. My initial impressions are:


  • Large Screen
  • Comfortable size
  • SHDC comparability (with 4.0 firmware) 


  • Screen quality (horizontal banding in movies- but may need to be re-encoded)
  • Button quality; d-pad is 'mushy' and my B button sticks quite often
  • Overall build quality (for example, the A and Y buttons are reversed on the unit I have- and the rubber port covers are cheap).
  • Non-rechargeable battery/short battery life
  • Game Configuration; not all emulators work correctly- I cannot even get MAME4ALL to start! (but I may need to install another library?)
  • Spotty manual; the manual I have is for both units- the F100 and F200- and apparently there is a 'USB' feature in the F100 that does not exist in the F200!

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