Vista, Vista...

Vista was running great- until I tried to install Alcohol 120% this morning (at 5am as I couldn't sleep).

I needed to burn an ISO of Ubuntu 6.10 server and the built-in tools for Vista do not seem to allow this (and Nero still does not work 100% because of the codec conflict)- so I decided to try out old reliable Alcohol 120%.

On install I got an red warning that the drive was unknown- do I want to continue? I (of course) said yes and the computer rebooted a few seconds later. I assume this was for the virtual CD drive (which I really do not need).

I rebooted and within 3 seconds of logging in it finds and unknown device and tries to load the driver again- and gives me a great BSOD.

I tried booting in save mode- but I still get a BSOD.

Rather than fighting it, I wiped the drive and installed Windows XP Pro (I tried a parallel install and it dies as long as Vista is on the drive- maybe there is a new NTFS format?).

Luckily I decided a few installs ago to move all of my documents, pictures, etc. to a network drive (which is also being backed up once a month to a different physical drive on my impromptu server).

I guess I may wait until Vista SP1- I am getting tired of re-installing WoW and The Burning Crusade!

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