Plasma TV Power

Whew- I thought my 42" TV was getting ready to fail on me- the one that I purchased in late 2005....

I was getting a strange 'chirp' when I powered on my TV in the morning- one that sounded kind of like a capacitor getting ready to die. In addition, my TV was 'background' power cycling every morning at about 8:00am- I would hear a click and the above mentioned chirp and then it was off again.

It looks like I had too small of a UPS in-line with the TV and it was starving the TV for power. I use the UPS for line conditioning and they have a little better chance of absorbing a power spike than a normal (ceramic capacitor based) surge suppressor strip.

Occasionally the UPS would start beeping like a fool and I would have to power cycle the UPS to silence it- this usually occurred right after a utility power blink. This was a sign that the power supply was too small as the battery could not support the return load.

I was using an APC desktop power strip (325VA); last night I purchased a 500VA system and the TV now sounds like it is should; no chirps and no random power cycles (at least so far)!

Lesson for the day: don't under-rate the battery backup you need for a device- it is always better to over-rate and have a little extra!

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