I received these from Amazon today and hooked them up to my (roommates) iPod Nano (that I have loaded with my music as she never uses it). The sound is much better than the stock little headphones that come with an iPod, and I am hoping that it is a little more difficult to pop the speakers in these...

Sound is good, but nothing to go 'holy crap' about- the lows are good, but seem to be cut off and the highs are VERY pronounced; middle ranges are Ok... I think the sound is worth the $25 I spent on Amazon- but not worth the $40 they want at Target and Frys.

The headphones come with three different size 'cups' to fit in your ear- I use the largest ones. The middle-sized ones are pre-installed and the smallest ones will probably only used by the most petite people. They fit in you ear and effectively block out most outside sounds (actually causes me a little dizziness as my ear channels are completely blocked).

There is a crazy-ass storage cup to put the headphones in that is supposed to help keep the cord from tangling- but the headphones ends are different lengths (left one is tied to the main cord then a smaller 18" cable goes over to the right one behind the neck) so it is impossible to neatly wind the cable up- but it does seem to keep the earphones protected and keep the little rubber caps from getting lost.

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