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I bought the Nokia 770 from Frys on Friday- I was going to look at other DVR recorders (more on that later), but I saw the 770 on sale and I couldn't pass it up (I am such a gadget Junkie). 

What is the Nokia 770?  As close as I can tell it is a sub-laptop.  It has 802.11b/g, bluetooth, a 800x480 screen (something like 133dpi resolution) with a touch-screen input.  It has a built-in web browser, email client, rss news agent and Internet radio player.  It has a mini-MMC card slot (64MB card included) and 128MB of flash RAM.  It can also play MP3s and other audio formats (not WMA or OGG) and several video formats (MPEG, AVI and others).

The unit can access the Internet via WiFi or via a bluetooth connection to a phone with Internet access.  So far I have had problems getting this to work with blackberry phones (tried a 7250, 7100i and a 7800 so far- make sure you turn on discovery for the blackberry so it can be seen!), but I finally figured out how to get it to work with my old Nokia 3650 with help from and Internet Tablet forum:

   set the number to *99#
   set the AP to wap.voicestream.com
   proxy server for HTTP and HTTPS: port is 8080

There unit runs Maemo Linux and there are lots of 3rd party applications for it- such as a GPS program, Doom, and an Xterm program (for accessing the Linux console).  You will need the Xterm program to gain root access on the Nokia 770 if you need to change out the ICD program to use this with a Windows Mobile device for Internet access.

Important links I have found so far:

mameo.org - for developers but links to downloads
Internet Tablet - excellent discussion forums
nokia770.com - info on projects (with pics) and more links
thoughtfix - more projects and downloads

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