New iPod Nano

apple ipod nano 6gI purchased a 5th gen iPod Nano about three months ago- 88 days ago, actually.  Luckily, Target has a 90 day return policy…. :)

I returned my 5th gen iPod Nano to Target and went to the Apple store and purchased a 6th gen iPod Nano.  Return at target was $175, new Nano at Apple was $179.

Departing from Apple’s frugality on buttons, the new iPod Nano features three buttons; a power toggle, volume up and volume down.  The multi-touch screen can be rotated with a two finger twist.  Menus are accessed by clicking the menu item and finger swipes to navigate up/down menu selections.  All said, it is fairly intuitive to use.

One fairly interesting feature of the iPod Nano is that the screens are customable- much like on an iPod touch; touch and hold an icon and you can drag it to another screen (or make a new screen).  There is no option to delete icons, but that is the way it is for the stock icons on the iPhone/iPod touch.  The multiple screens and ability to customize make me think that Apple may have left space for additional apps… 

I find it odd that there is a total lack of games on this version of the iPod Nano- where is my solitaire that I could play while waiting for a machine at the gym?  (or is that designed to be a future purchased application?)

IMG_0105rThe new Nano has a ‘standard’ Apple dock connector on the bottom, so it should work with any prior iPod accessories that used this dock (sound bar, car cradles, etc).

Missing from the new Nano is the camera and the ability to play back video.  That is Ok by me as I will probably get a band and use it as a watch as well… :)

One welcome benefit is that the new iPod Nano supports the Nike+ accessories- including the heart rate sensor.  I plugged in my Nike+ dongle that I had used with my former 5th gen iPod Nano and it was still paired to the Nike+ heart rate strap I purchased a few weeks ago (the strap also works with my Polar FT40, so i was planning to use it in any case).

The new Nano is very impressive; it is uber-tiny, very responsive and has very decent sound (bass seems a little over-powered, but I am using mediocre ear buds).  It is small and light enough to clip on a shirt sleeve and not require an arm band.  It is the perfect device to load up several audio books, a good chunk of my newer podcasts and still have a good chunk of space for music and photos. 

It would also be a very cool lapel pin if I could find some way of alternating various QR barcodes while wearing (I guess I could just change some album artwork and create a playlist…)

Below is a quick video I did of the menu items on the 6th gen Nano:

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  1. Nice review....I am feeling SO tempted to get the new Nano too.