MAX AVR USBThe TI-84 Calculator works for homebrew apps on the PS3, but this is just a temporary method as it is kind of annoying to need to run the app on the TI every time I want to boot the PS3 into developer mode.

I ordered a Maximus AVR USB from a small site called Sick Gaming Site this morning (the only US vendor listed on the Max AVR USB site). The site doesn’t instill the greatest feeling of security and confidence as they only have three products for sale. However, the transaction for the AVR USB was handled very professionally with very prompt email updates. Their inventory count also updates in real-time, so that is another re-assuring feeling.

They only accept PayPal, so I feel I have a little more security (i.e. no credit card info stored on their servers). Now I only worry about having my name & address on an unknown server… (For paranoia, I may change the info on their site to alias information once the product has shipped).


My Maximus AVR USB has shipped via first class US Postal with delivery confirmation. A tracking number has been provided- but (of course) US Postal isn't the best at updating tracking information... :)

It is going from Brooklyn to Atlanta, so I am expecting it sometime early next week. I will update when I receive the package. So far I am personally very content with Sick Gaming Site's business process.

Final Update:

My Maximus AVR USB was delivered today.  Shipped on Sept 16th and received on September 20th.  Good job on the part of Sick Gaming Site in ordering, processing and delivery!

There is some good documentation for installing PSGroove on the Maximus AVRUSB over the Maxmius site and over at PSX-Scene.

A few personal notes:

  • The x64 drivers included with the FLIP 3.4.2 package are not signed and will not work properly with Windows 7 x64; you might want to try the x64 drivers over at Maximus AVRUSB or use an x86 system (which is what I did).

Setup and install took a few minutes and all is working as it should!  :)


  1. Hi,
    Was thinking about using this site but wondering how your order went. Did you ever get a confirmation for it being shipped with tracking number?

  2. I placed an order two days ago on the 21st and the status still says "Processing". how long did it take for them to ship your order from when you ordered it?

  3. Saige: I ordered early morning on the 15th and they shipped out around mid-day of the 16th.

    I just checked their site and my order still indicates 'Processing' on their website- even though it was delivered earlier in the week.

    I did get an email with the USPS tracking info when it shipped; the email came from 'service@paypal.com' and it was from '#1 Gaming Source' instead of Sick Gaming Site.

  4. thanks a lot for your response. I was expecting to receive an email from the website, not paypal. and I have different emails I used for each. I just checked my other account and my order was shipped yesterday!