No iPhone 4!

My AT&T pre-order status for the iPhone has remained unchanged since 06/15; it still sits as ‘In Progress’ with no further information.  But at least I am not alone with my status; over 220 responses to a post in AT&T’s forums indicate similar issues. The sad part is from the posts it doesn’t sound like AT&T is shipping on a first-come/first-severed method- rather someone compared it to ‘pulling names from a hat’. 

On the lighter side, I found a free app called LineSnob that allows people to check & update lines- most notable the local Apple store lines!  The line at the local Apple store was amazing; a co-worker joined the ‘reserved’ line at 8:00am and was finally picking up his phone at about 4:00pm…  I chose not to join this as I hate lines and have slightly better things to do than wait in one for 8 hours.

Other interesting iPhone apps that I stumbled upon today are RedLaser- which is now free -and Farmville for the iPhone has finally arrived. 

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