iPhone 4 Delays?

On June 15th, I (along with a small multitude of other people) woke up early to pre-order an iPhone 4.  The Apple servers were slammed and having issues for most of the morning (I tried for about an hour) so I delayed my attempt at a reservation until I made it into work.

The Apple ordering system did not get any better.  I eventually tried the AT&T pre-ordering server and found it to be a bit more reliable.  I was finally able to order a iPhone from the AT&T system at 2:30pm EST and received a confirmation shortly thereafter:


All seemed like I would receive my new iPhone on launch day via overnight delivery from AT&T.

On Monday, I started checking the status of my order to see how it was progressing; it was not:image

I began checking the AT&T update site religiously for the next few days and still no progress on my order.

In the AT&T forums, I am now hearing of a shortage of 32GB phones and a possible delayed delivery- so it is possible that I may not see an iPhone delivery until next week sometime…

C’mon guys- if you can’t handle the volume, you shouldn’t be promising delivery for launch day. 

I also reserved an iPhone 4 32GB with the Apple store across the street from my office; if my iPhone order doesn’t change by tomorrow morning I may take my chances with the Apple store line and cancel my AT&T order (but AT&T does neglect to include information on how to do this in their pre-order email).

With all the talk of loss of phone signal when touching the metal on the case and some defective retina screens, I am starting to wonder if I should cancel my iPhone 4 order and wait a few weeks/months while they iron out all the bugs…

Besides- I plan on cancelling the phone after 1 month paying the ETF ($325!)- but this works out about the same as buying a 32GB phone out-right for $699.  By that time, I should have my SIM cutter in (or be practiced from cutting up old SIMs with an Xacto knife).

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