Dragon*Con 2009

DC2009_Costumes_117 The annual Dragon*Con convention kicked off today in downtown Atlanta, GA. It has been pretty good so far; good panels and some great costumes. But it already seems a bit busy- and this isn’t even the weekend- and I have a feeling I am going to be dreading some of the panel lines by tomorrow.

I will be posting twitter updates and I occasionally will be uploading pictures to my Flickr account- so check back if you want to see what is happening at ‘The Con’.

On another note- the Seidio 1400mAh Extended Battery for the G1 cannot cut it for a full day at the con; It was completely dead by 3:30pm and I went to the car and charged it to 50%- it was dead again by 8:00pm… I am taking two 2300mAh G1 extended batteries tomorrow- in addition to the 1400mAh (as a 3rd tier backup battery).


  1. I'm just glad my drunk ass didn't make it into any of your pictures

  2. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Yeah, Bruce I was counting on you to get some really incriminating pics of our little TU mate. Like the pics u posted so far. Is it over yet? Don't forget to come back now, ya here!