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I picked up an iPod touch as I have been wanting to play with the App Store for a while now.  The last time I played with the App store was at least a year ago on a 1st Gen iPhone and it was not a pleasant experience.

imageThe experience has improved- somewhat…  It is still impossible to find anything useful in the barrage of crap and duplicates that are hosted by the App store.

What amazes me on both the Apple and the Google App stores is the complete inability to search for something I want- unless I know the EXACT name of the application.  For example:

In iTunes, I would like to find a free application for synchronizing Google contacts/calendar.   I do a search for ‘Google’ and I get a response of 200+ apps.  First issue is there is no way to sort them as free/paid.  After that, I would like to sort by ‘rating’, but that is also not an option… 

The Google App store has the same issue; searching for an App returns a blind list of applications that contain a keyword- no way to filter or sort the results.

To be fair, the iTunes store does offer a ‘browse’ option that provides a grid view of the Apps with pricing & ratings- but still no keyword filter (unless I am missing something?):


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