Fuck Gateway

I purchased a P6860-FX laptop about a year ago (5/30/2008, to be precise) as a ‘gaming laptop’ for about $1350.00. The laptop is decent, but I have been trying to get VMWare Workstation or Microsoft Virtual PC to run- and both complain that ‘Hardware Virtualization’ needs to be enabled in the BIOS.

I have verified that my CPU (an Intel T7700) and my motherboard chipset (Intel PM965 Chipset) should be able to support Intel virtualization technology (VT-x)- but there is no option to enable/disable such a feature in the BIOS. In fact, the BIOS is pretty bare- looking a bit like Gateway went a little over-zealous when customizing the BIOS…

I contacted Gateway to see if VT-x was a possible [Incident: 090603-000372] or if a future BIOS would allow for this. Their response was:

Response (Arunkumar_GWSI686) - 06/03/2009 01:27 PM
Dear Bruce ,
Thank you for contacting Gateway. I apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced.

As per our records we see that your system is out of Warranty.

I would like to inform you that your warranty started on 05/04/2008 and ended on 05/04/2009.

If you need further support concerning the hardware visualization issue, We do offer a phone-based support options for Out of Warranty products that also covers "How Do I" questions as well.
"Answers by Gateway" is a convenient and affordable fee based technical support service that is great for answering "how to" questions or technical issues once the product warranty has expired. With your purchase of the service you would have instant access to our Highly Trained agents.
You may call 1.800.229.1103 . However, it's a fee based support. Calling cards are available for 30 minutes ( $59.99 ), 90 minutes ( $129.99 ), or 15 issues ( $199.99 ) and the validity will be 1 year.
Another option is that you can approach a local technician.
For further clarifications please feel free to visit our web site
Thank you for contacting Gateway.
Have a great day!
Gateway Online Technical Support

So basically ‘Arankumar’ at Gateway support has informed me that:

  1. My Gateway warranty started 27 days before I purchased my laptop.
  2. My Gateway system is out of warranty and I will get ZERO help from Gateway
  3. If I do want help, I can get it for the low price of $60 for 30 mins (and no Vaseline)

If the system was dead/broken/not working, I can see this response- but for a simple yes/no question, Gateway can keept their non-English speaking ‘support’ employed for some other person to be annoyed with.

I guess I should have listened to everyone else when they said ‘Don’t buy a gateway’…

So- if you have a Gateway system, I feel sorry for you . If you are thinking of purchasing a Gateway system- just don’t… unless you want to be lied to about your warranty coverage and have some third-world flowchart reader tell you that Gateway just doesn’t give a fuck about you.

No more Gateway systems for me- or anyone I can influence!


  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    wow, uncharacteristically harsh, but well warranted in this case.

    how exactly do they get away with subtracting a month off of your year warranty???

  2. Have you tried VirtualBox (www.virtualbox.org) or QEMU Manager (http://www.davereyn.co.uk/) yet for virtualization? They shouldn't require any specific VT support in your CPU to run and are quite flexible.

  3. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I purchased a gateway desktop last year with a non-working dvdrw. Tech support was knowledgeable and after I paid for the replacement drive and shipping, everything was fine......

  4. Adrian: Thanks for the info on VirtualBox- but I am having the same issues as I do with VMWare Workstation/VirutalPC; If VT-x is no enabled in BIOS, I cannot create an x64 VM for vSphere; I get the error that 'VT-x not Available' in VirtualBox as well...

    I have been researching the possibility of 'hacking' the Phoenix BIOS; the option should be there, but Gateway has removed the options from the BIOS.

  5. On a side-note, you could also have a look at www.coreboot.org, as it is a bare, simple bios replacement designed to allow the operating system to read the hardware itself, which all modern systems try to do anyway.
    But since it's in alpha stage developemnt, you may not want to risk your machine being bricked...
    Good luck.

  6. Anonymous10:14 PM

    I have the same problem with my FHD2401 Monitor. 1 Year warranty, MANUFACTURED in June 2008 (it's still June now and my first attempt at a tech chat was several months ago) and I can't convince the idiots that it is still under warrantee.

    Agreed. FUCK GATEWAY!

  7. Agreed. Fuck Gateway!!!

    I bought a top of the line FX series desktop PC from gateway a while back. As all electronics things do eventually, it broke. I never got the operating system disks with the machine, built obviously paid for a Vista Home Premium license as part of the deal. When it broke, I thought that all I'd have to do is call Gateway (who *USED TO* have killer phone support by courteous, literate, English speaking folks) and get a copy of the OS disks. I thought I'd have to pay some nominal price, since the PC was long out of warranty. Imagine my surprise when I was told by "Peggy" in India (arrogant, rude FUCKER) that I'd have to pay MORE than the current cost of a FULL Windows Vista Home Premium license, just to get the disks and that I'd be so honored as to have to wait up to 8 weeks to get them unless I wanted a $25 corn-holing to get them sent faster.

    Fuck Gateway indeed!!!

    Over the last 15 years, my family has purchased no less than seven Gateway PCs because they used to be suck a kick ass company who always got orders right the first time and delivered what they said they would without excuses. Gateway is obviously gone down the shitter. Probably some genius MBA and Execs greedy for the bone-us, decided they’d make the company better by FUCKING their loyal customers up the ass sans Vaseline.

    I hope someone from Gateway who matters is reading this, because I will never EVER, EVER buy another Gateway product, and neither will any of my family or friends. So, fuck you, you greedy-ass incompetent, ignorant fucks.

  8. Support is support regardless of your question or the severity of your issue. RTFM.