Clear WiMax in Atlanta

A kiosk in the Lenox mall was brought to my attention today; it bears a bright green ‘C’ for the Clear WiMax service that is now available in Atlanta, GA (and also in Las Vegas, NV and Portland, OR).

Their big offer is a ‘Pick 2 and Save’ option- for $55/month (+ hardware costs) they can provide a 6Mbps/500Kbps home internet connection and a 4Mbs/500Kbps mobile connection. In addition, for another $25/month they also can provide unlimited nationwide calling via their Clear Voice VoIP adaptor.

The hardware costs are $70 for the home modem, $60 for the mobile USB modem and $50 for the VoIP adaptor (ordering certain bundles online will give a $35 discount for the later)

One additional item that has really peaked my interest is the Clear Spot adaptor (for an additional $140) that will transform a Clear Mobile USB adaptor into a Wireless access point for up to 8 devices. There is a good review of the Clear Spot on Gizmodo that makes this device look very promising.

The big questions I have are:

  1. How ‘unlimited’ is ‘unlimited usage’; will I get a nasty letter if I download 450GB+ of videos/music/youtube/etc?
  2. Are static IPs available
  3. Are there any port usage restrictions (I have several services I need to access at my home).
  4. Is there a return/grace period where I can return the device if the throughput isn’t was promised?

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